21 January 2009

The Obama inauguration invocation: utter nonsense and sheer hypocricy

Why did president Obama choose a creep, a religious bigot, a hypocrite, an intolerant individual, a christian fundamentalist, Rick Warren, as the one to give the invocation at his inauguration? Why did he need to have a religious invocation at all? Why all this hypocricy?

Because he is a politician. He knows he cannot approach people by pretending not to be a christian himself. There were echoes that he did not grow up in a religious environment, because his mother was agnostic (his father was an atheist but he hardly ever met him). So he had to work hard to convince the american public that he is ``a man of faith'':

It is still a disgrace to say ``I do not have any faith''. (And why should anyone have a faith?) So, during his election campaign he appeared to be praying, and the morning of his inauguration he went to church. To top it all up, he chose this creep Warren to give a speech. And just watch the idiocies he uttered. He talked about the environment (god forgive us if we don't treat the environment well), but he refrained to talk about gay marriage (the Pope would have done it) despite the fact that he has a gay fear as much as the Pope.

Nevertheless, there were quite a few protesters during his inauguration, mostly from the christian right.Apparently, Obama has not quite convinced them he is acting as a real christian...

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  1. I think who Rick Warren is is best summed up by the reaction of Richard Dawkins's 2 dogs (in case you haven't seen the link already!):




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