24 November 2009

Welsh Police consult with psychics

The following piece of news needs no comment or explanation for its absurdity:

Earlier this month it emerged that Dyfed Powys Police had spent £20,000 following a line of investigation in a murder inquiry, based on information passed on by a medium.
Joe Power [a "psychic medium"] says that he was contacted by the Metropolitan Police, asking for assistance on a very high profile murder investigation. "I got an e-mail from the Met police asking for assistance," Joe Power insists."I gave them some information that was coming through the murder victim and people on the other side. Without a doubt they followed up on it." In an initial statement, the Metropolitan Police denied Joe had any involvement in the case.... A former Scotland Yard man who now practises as a medium, he says: "I think the police are sceptical, but they have a right to be so because some mediums and psychics make false claims." "But, ultimately officers don't mind where the evidence comes from as long as it proves or disproves the case."... While police forces across the UK refuse to either confirm or deny their use of psychics in major investigations, it is difficult to gauge how widespread the practice is. But Joe Power is in no doubt that he and others will continue to play a role in solving crime: "I predict that in the next 30 to 40 years you will actually get people like me who will find bodies, where there's no question about it. "The psychic world is moving on very fast and it's getting more accurate with the information all the time."
I thought that mediums, psychics, fortune tellers, etc. are there for morons only, for those idiots who have extra money to waste. But when you hear that the state is using them then you must be alarmed!

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  1. There were instances that police seek help from psychics and this is an example.



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