24 November 2010

Galileo was wrong. Vive la Bible!

Damn! I missed the conference. It took place on 6 November 2010. Just a couple of weeks before my visit to the U.S. Otherwise I would have gone to learn the truth: the Earth is at the center of the Universe, as proven by scientific experiments (e.g., reading the Bible carefully in ancient Hebrew).

According to Dr. Robert Sungenis,

Scientific evidence available to us within the last 100 years that was not available during Galileo's confrontation shows that the Church's position on the immobility of the Earth is not only scientifically supportable, but it is the most stable model of the universe and the one which best answers all the evidence we see in the cosmos.

The consequences are amazing. One of them is, surely, that aliens will reach us soon, since we are the center of the Universe and they surely are looking for it too.


  1. More about Sungenis "credentials" here http://sungenisandthejews.blogspot.com/2010/09/summary-of-robert-sungenis-and-jews.html#Doctorate

    Sungenis has no official capacity in the Catholic Church and was forced by his bishop to take the name "Catholic" off of his organization. Thank you.

  2. Thanks too. I had no idea that Sungenis claimed to be Catholic. But that is not my point. It doesn't matter which particular flavor of Christianity he espouses (there are hundreds, from Catholic to Southern Baptist, from Eastern Orthodox to Presbyterians, etc.--often mutually incompatible), or whether he's Zoroastrian. The point is that he is deluded, and so are all creationists.

    For long time, the Catholic Church folk believed the same thing. And they were often burned if they said otherwise. It took really long time for the Catholic Church to acknowledge they were wrong. And this acknowledgment did not come because of some religious revelation. It came, precisely, because of Science. Because, in the light of overwhelming evidence and proof, the Church could not keep advocating that the Earth was in the center of the universe or flat.

    Now, some bozos like Sungenis won't even accept what Science proves. They want to keep being deluded. (The scientific question here is: why do such people want to do that? What is wrong in their brain?)

  3. Childish name calling is the typical caliber of those who offer their non-substantive denigrations of geocentrism. Often they mock religion in general and Christianity in particular -- the very same people who make a god of and place their materialistic blind faith in science which has a history of making countless errors.

    Most moderns who reject geocentrism do so out of an ignornance of the true science involved and or because they are philosophically pre-disposed to refuse to accept the possibility of a God who not only has placed our earth at the center of the universe, but who actually has the entire matererial universe go around that heavaenly body which Jesus Christ lived on in the flesh some 2000 years ago.

    See www.galileowaswrong.com and galileowaswrong.blogspot.com.

    James B. Phillips

  4. By the way, Takis, contrary to popular opinion and what you may have picked up in the popular press, the Catholic Church has never -- I repeat never acknowledged -- that it is wrong on geocentrism. It has officially taught geocentrism and that official teaching has never changed. If you are an honest person you might just admit that you, yourself are wrong in making the assertion that you did.

  5. Thanks for your comment. I replied here.

    How interesting, but sad, to see that all the wacko-stuff, creationism, fundamentalism, etc, that we see on the Internet are actually represented by real individuals.

  6. Takis, you are absolutely 100% wrong in asserting that the Catholic Church acknowledged they were wrong on geocentrism. Contrary to popular myth and whatever you may have read or heard the Catholic Church has never asserted that nor will it ever assert that. Now I hope you will acknowledge your error in that regard!


  7. James:
    Did I say so?

    In any case, it's *irrelevant* what the Catholic church (or any religious organization for that matter) says. They have no way to do science. It's ok for them to get buried in incense, voodoo-dolls, holy wine, whatever. But science, no, sorry, the priests have no say.

    So, if it is the case, as you say, that the Catholic church claims that the Earth is the center of the Universe, or flat, then here's another weak point of it, besides pedophilia.

  8. Takis, it is not irrelevant that you stated an untruth about the Catholic Church since it is relevant to your own credibility or lack thereof. Aside from that, it would appear that you make a religion/god out of science or is that a misrepresentation?


  9. Takis, the article you refer to, the likes of which you admit to relying on states: "Pope John Paul II officially declared that Galileo was right." That sir is a damnable falsehood. John Paul II never declared any such thing.

    Perhaps, now you might wish to promote rigour and rationality by actubg in a "properly scientific way" by showing the language in and the proper identity of any official Papal document whatsoever upon which your supposed claim exists.


    P.S. Perhaps, you would do well to stick to your chosen field -- Stochastic Networks. We won't call you out on it as we trust that you know something about it.



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