15 February 2013

Disney World and the Holy Land Experience

Orlando, Florida, is well-known for Disney World. But there is another, more recent, equally interesting amusement park. If you happen to visit Orlando, you shouldn't miss the Holy Land Experience. They are very close to one another (20 minutes by car). You can have a full experience of both sites within the same day.

I would like to make some comparisons between the two amusement parks and see how similar they are and how by visiting one without the other you certainly miss something. For complete experience and fun, visit both.

Disney World Holy Land Experience
You can see parades of Mickey Mouse,
Donald Duck, and other well-known characters
You can see parades of Romans and Jesus
You can have ice cream, pop corn and Dr pepper You can have ice cream, pop corn and Dr pepper
You can experience Jesus' birth (Christmas) You can experience Jesus' crucifixion (Easter)
You will cry out of joy You will rejoice by crying
Walt Disney was a Christian Jew-hater Marvin Rosenthal was a Jew and now a Christian

People who visit the Holy Land Experience are reported to have a life-changing experience. They can witness what is in the Bible, daily, and quite accurately.
People who have visited Disney World have also had wonderful experiences. They can witness what is in the cartoons and see Mickey Mouse alive.

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