21 March 2013

Swedish pedestrian crossing signs: an update

Ever since I posted my famous Swedish pedestrian crossing signs post on this blog, pointing out that a major step towards gender equality was taken by converting several pedestrian crossing signs in Uppsala (and elsewere in Sweden) from male to female, there has been further progress to reflect the diversification of gender. Here are some examples from various locations in Uppsala.
The original sign. It still exists.
Some original ones were replaced by this,
but they were soon removed as being too
sexually explicit.
The previous ones were replaced by this,
which is modest and decent.
Appeared several months ago in front
of Carolina Rediviva.
Appeared several months ago in front
of Carolina Rediviva.
A new sign.
An even newer one.

Still, a lot of work remains to be done, but the above steps clearly reflect progress.

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