29 September 2013

Neo-nazis in Greece, their arrest

Talking about Nazis, most newspapers in the world (with the notable exception of the Swedish Svenska Dagbladet) yesterday announced the unprecedented arrest of the thugs of Golden Dawn. The neo-nazi party has now, by change of law, been classified as a criminal organization. Despite that it is represented in the Greek Parliament by 18 or so members, their head, Nikos Mihaloliakos was arrested, along with other 15 party members. They face hundreds of charges, including the recent killing of Pavlos Fyssas by one of the Golden Dawn executioners.

Golden Dawn has existed since 1980, but nobody took it seriously. Taking advantage of the financial catastrophe, Golden Dawn appealed--as is usual in such cases--to the "patriotism" of the Greeks, offered quick and dirty solutions to the immigration problem (beat them up or kill them), and other popular measures. It is thus that it received votes from those whose brains consist of haystack.

Here is a picture of the head of the group, Nikos Mihaloliakos, arrested yesterday:
He does not look very happy. But that's normal. He never does.

Look at my previous posting about neo-nazis in Sweden. Those in Greece are probably worse, the worst of the lot. However, many people still care and will look at them disapprovingly if they dare enter the bus with their version of the swastika:

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