5 January 2014

Half of the Republicans reject evolution

According to Courrier International, more and more of Republican sympathisers in the US do not believe in the theory of evolution. In 5 years, among people who call themselves republican, the percentage of those who accept evolution has dropped by 11 points and has reached 43% today according to Pew Research.
On the other hand, the percentage of Democrats who accepst evolution has remained constant at 67%. The differences between the two groups remain the same even if one takes into account other characterstics, like race, education or religion.

The most skeptical of all are white evangelical Protestants comprising a powerful conservative political force in the ultra-conservative Tea Party. Nearly 2/3 of them simply reject evolution and claim that "humans and other living beings have existed during all time in their present form." The fraction of all Americans who say likewise is 1/3.
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Note: To understand how ridiculous those who do not accept evolution are, compare with this: Evolution is as well established as the fact that the Earth rotates around the Sun. Even though this was established long ago, during "dark ages", lots of people did not believe it. They were "sure" the Earth was at the "center" (and were called geocentrists; laughably, there are still some of them, but nobody takes them seriously.)


  1. I suggest you to do the following test to distinguish if it is the human stubbornness or the human ignorance that make the republicans defy the evolution.

    1. Invite an evolutionary biologist for a meeting.
    2. Show her/him papers about the detection of glycine in comets and meteorites.
    3. Ask the evolutionary biologist about the possibility of that the primordial life came to Earth through cosmic panspermia.
    4. Report to us how that went.

    1. WTF does that have to do with testing the crap that resides inside republicrats' brains?

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