13 November 2008

The BLAFAFO = Blair Faith Foundation

Does this man look possessed?

You betcha! He is possessed by such a stupidity that, earlier this year, he declared that faith must be given a central role in tackling the world's problems. Faith? Have I heard well? Indeed, faith! This is a person who has not lived in the middle ages. Rather, he is alive and well now, in the 21st century, enjoying his benefits as the ex-prime minister of the UK. No sooner had he finished his career, than he ran to the Pope and asked him to transform him to a Christian Catholic (I suppose he had been worshiping a different version of Christianity before, hence he did need a transformation). Immediately after, he gave a speech at the Westminster Cathedral. He said he is a man of faith and that his faith has influenced his politics. In other words, he came out of the closet: Whereas his buddy Dubya has been saying out loud all along that God tells him what to do, Tony has been a bit more shy about his tendencies. We now know he has had exactly the same orientation as Dubya, but it took him long time to declare his pride with pride, which is what he does now, clearly and openly:

"Religious faith is a good thing in itself that so far from being a reactionary force - it is a major part to play in shaping values which guide the modern world and can and should be a force for progress."

So, for Anthony Blair, faith is a force of progress! In other words, with one sentence he wipes out all scientific progress, all rational thought, he decides to embrace the darkness of unreason, to get rid of enlightenment... And guess what he does. He knows he can't quite find sympathy for his stupidity in the UK so he goes to the land of the blessed ones, America, and establishes the Tony Blair Fath Foundation! There he finds sponsors who supply him with dollars to use as he wishes. He also practices mind-fucking at Yale University. (Is it a coincidence that Yale is also the school where Dubya "studied"?) He is teaching a 3-year course at the Yale Divinity School and Management School. (What on earth is the connection between the supernatural and management, only God knows, and, I suppose, this is what Blair is now talking about, having obtained direct links to God--his previous links were indirect, i.e. through his Dubya.) Rumour has it that Yale offered to his offspring, Euan Blair, more money than Harvard (92,000 bucks), in order that both father and son go to Yale rather than Harvard. (I suppose this must have strengthened Tony's faith, for miracles like this happen only to those who believe.)

Now guess who introduced Blair at his Faith Foundation ceremony. You have only one guess. "Dubya!" you reply. Wrong! You lose! Why, it is Bill, Bill Clinton himself! (Another man of faith, I take it.):

And if you were thinking of going to the movies tonight, spare your money and click below instead (as well as related links on you tube): The comedy of Tony Blair in all its glory (and idiocy)!


  1. Your blog is better information than reading the papers

  2. I could not agree more! Eva

  3. "Religious Faith" The road from reason, logic, and critical thinking to one of a deluded, irrational, illogical, mindset very capable of believing ANYTHING! The things people will do to appease their fears is nothing short of "miraculous"!

    And these minds run or government..

  4. More to the point, unless they are people of faith they are, practically, NOT allowed to run for government, especially in the US.

  5. More to the point, unless they are people of faith they are, practically, NOT allowed to run for government, especially in the US.



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