5 November 2008

Good riddance Dubya

The all-time loser in presidential history will be remembered as the worst president of the US. This is what Simon Schama wrote yesterday in the Guardian, adding that not even McCain wanted to be seen as having anything to do with this idiot when he declared "I am not George Bush" in his final debate. Clearly, McCain didn't manage to dissociate himself too much from Dubya, and this resulted in his declaration, along the hockey mom, of defeat today. We are all worried, says the Guardian today, what kind of job will Dubya be capable of doing in 77 days from today. Because he's a man of action, he won't want to retire. The Guardian proposes the following jobs for W:
The new Doctor Who,
Leader, North Korea
Presenter, Friday Night with Dubya
Tour guide, presidential library
Manager, Watford FC
Star, W: the Musical
Interior minister, Iran
Paris Hilton's new best friend
Presenter, Top Gear
Sarah Palin's running mate, 2012
Biographer, George Bush Sr.
But no matter what job he does, he will be remembered, in our hearts, as the prime example of the a good-old malakas.


  1. Just for pits & giggles, what has Obama done for you? Has he kept his cam"pain" promises to you? If so, which ones.

  2. No, but at least he's not a total embarrassment like the other idiot/asshole/warmonger. Also, he can speak English.

  3. You don't think it's embarrasing that Obama bows to others? That he LIED to all his supporters?
    I agree about the war, Stop it now. Pull out our troops, AND...pull out ALL of our financial & welfare support from ALL foreign countries. Put that money into locking our borders cause they are coming after you & I next. They want ALL of us to die. ALL of us, even you Takis, even you. I voted for Bush because he did coke and drank beer.
    You voted for Obama because he wasn't BUSH, or because he was black. Poor reasoning on both our parts. Would you not agree?

  4. Politicians often lie. Even Obama had to pretend to be religious otherwise many people wouldn't vote for him. We make the best choice of the ones available.

    > Would you not agree?

    No I don't agree. We seem to have fundamental differences:

    > Put that money into locking our
    > borders cause they are coming after
    > you & I next.

    This is called: Xenophobia. Irrational nationalism.

    > They want ALL of us to die. ALL of us,
    > even you Takis, even you.

    Conspiracy theories.

    > I voted for Bush because he did coke
    > and drank beer.

    This is a very poor motivation. If anything, it should have deterred anyone.

    > Would you not agree?

    As I said, No. We apparently have fundamental differences. End of story. Thanks for writing.

  5. I am sorry, I met no offense. I have perhaps overstepped my bounds. My sense of humor failed.
    I truly respect your opinion, and was hoping for your insight into the Obama administration. I already know what my peeps think of him, I was more curious of you as a supporter. It's just political turnabout. I meant no offense. Peaceate your time.

  6. Apologies too: my sense of humor (or my ability to detect it), as many people tell me, is nil.

    I agree: politicians never do what they say. We can only choose among the ones which are available (sometimes the choice is hard). The alternative is to educate people to think in a more mature way and thus promote a good government. But the majority of people vote on the basis of trivialities such as how one person looks or sounds.



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