13 January 2012

Most visited postings of this blog

According to the Stats page of blogger.com, the following postings have been the most frequented ones (listed in decreasing frequency):
  1. Saint Joseph Stalin
  2. Joaquin Malats: Serenata Española
  3. Ryuichi Sakamoto - Chinsagu No Hana
  4. Mathematicians earn top pick as the best job
  5. Happy Newtonmas cards
  6. The shroud of Turin and the blood of St Gennaro
  7. Irish atheists challenge blasphemy law
  8. Happy Newtonmas cards (reposting)
  9. Greek signs
  10. Can you believe that?
I'm happy to see that my (very few) postings on music have been considered as interesting. I do find the Serenata Española and the Chinsagu No Hana very beautiful.

I'm rather surprised to see that my posting on Stalin is by far the most visited one. The cult of personality is as strong as religion. A few years ago (ca. 2004), at the University of Patras, Greece, a group of students had a Stalin day, promoting his "ideas", "work", etc., by propagandist leaflets, posters, etc. I made the mistake of trying to understand. It was, of course, futile. These people were, simply, believing in Stalin, in the same way an Iranian person I know believes in Ahura Mazda. (Actually, believing in Stalin is worse than believing in Ahura Mazda. The latter did not hurt anyone [hint: consider his existence issue].)

As for my miracles/beliefs postings (#6, #7, #10), I do hope that those who have visited them find them as funny as I do. The problem is that for many people this is serious business.

Last but not least, thanks to those downloading and sharing my Newtonmas cards.

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It's about counting, but when things get too large.
Put otherwise, it's about addition of positive numbers, but when these numbers are far too many.

The principle of dynamic programming

max_{x,y} [f(x) + g(x,y)] = max_x [f(x) + max_y g(x,y)]

The bottom line

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